A personal message from a very happy WakeYoo owner

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I just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU for creating this bomb proof alarm clock.

Tonight I was sat in my dining room and one of my kids has unburied my WakeYoo and was pretending it was a phone (he’s 18 months… the 17 year old has other less positive opinions of the device), which got me thinking “how long ago did I buy that”? and “I wonder if they still exist”?

Both got quickly answered with a Google search (98 and it appears, no) and…

A spiralling solar sculpture to soothe your soul

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Powered by the sun

Uplift’s relaxing motion creates a calm, never-ending spiral, which is mesmerising to watch as it unwinds and flows.

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We haven’t met each other in person, yet I feel no need to explain myself to you. I already know how alike we are because of the things you post, your words and pictures resonate with me and make me feel good. That’s all the reassurance I need to write this story. Words don’t come as easily to me as drawing so bear with me because I want to start at the beginning.

I’ve always been drawn to geometry. The simplicity of a circle. The strength and versatility of a triangle, the fixed order of a square — but most…

You want some strength? You think it’s all a bit mad right now? Maybe you’re scared? If only we knew it would be alright. Well, we don’t and we never did. We’re floating on a rock lost in space. We were all in a bubble, well, most of us. But how we move forward now really defines who we will be tomorrow.

I find my perspective, my sanity, my strength, by talking to people from a great variety of backgrounds and helping them where ever I can, usually by just being kind and always with a smile. Even on the…

I’m Tom Lawton.

I’m a designer and inventor based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, in the South West of England.

I work in the space between art and science.

I make things that I want to see in the world and I am devoted to using my creativity as a force to do good.

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I wonder ?

I follow my intuition and trust my instincts. I see us all as incredible sensory beings, like magical instruments, picking up on the resonance and frequency of life as we experience and observe the world around us. …

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Don’t give up.

Like most kids, I had a lot of energy and I used to run everywhere. My brother was older, always stronger and faster, so I had to, just to keep up. I am well used to never finishing first and learned young that the joy was in just giving it your all.

But we were made for sprinting, not long distances. Grandpa used to stagger running races so that we had close finishes. Dropping a handkerchief from 100 yards was his starter gun. …

Tom Lawton

Designer & Inventor. www.tomlawton.com

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