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Tom Lawton
5 min readAug 31, 2022


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MALMESBURY, UK — 3rd October 2022

A quest to create the most relaxing object in the world has led Brit artist & inventor Tom Lawton to Wonder. An impossible looking moving sculpture that has audiences often unable to tell whether it actually exists, is an NFT, reality or is an illusion. The universal feeling conjured by this marvellous looking creation is one of peace and serenity — flowing metal appears to dance like a Chinese ribbon, which echoes the infinite vastness of the universe — is one of a million possible interpretations.

I wonder, what do you see?

Aptly named Wonder, it comes with no explanation or instructions in the box. It just is.

‘Your thoughts shape your vision, you see what you choose to see’, says Lawton who is embarking on the artisan production of 100 small-scale Wonders per month from his workshop in rural Wiltshire in the Cotswolds. With pre-orders flooding in from across the globe, despite the object’s unavailability until the first batch is ready in December this year, Wonder is already proving popular with design savvy through to curious minded folk seeking a little more wonder in their lives.

Watch and wonder

One early adopter is Rory Sutherland, Chairman of Ogilvy, who expresses Wonder as ‘astonishing’, although like everyone else, he has to wait for his own.

Another is Brighton’s high priest of love, peace and sunsets, Norman Cook who has been enjoying Wonder at home through the summer.

All we have is now — Wonder with Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim

Lawton describes Wonder as being like a bat symbol since sharing it on his instagram through the course of the pandemic. Amongst those to respond to the call was Chris Ramsay, a YouTuber, magician and curator of unusual objects. After commissioning his own Wonder, Ramsay shared his appreciation by making a short film which is being hailed by many as a masterpiece.

Beyond mindfulness, Lawton has made a name and business for himself making wondrous therapeutic visual aids in the most sustainable way possible. His last piece Uplift saved fishing nets from landfill and was propelled with a solar powered engine.

Wonder pushes the forefront of conscious design, Lawton’s intention being to ‘share a feeling of wonder’ by providing a short cut to bliss, to see into the realm of pure imagination and enter a theta state of mind that exists beyond mindfulness on a pathway to the quantum field.

Wonder at home

Your creation Wonder is captivating. Perhaps it is the best ever expression of Heraclitus’s insight that ‘by changing it remains the same’ — Dr. Iain McGilchrist

Working in the intersection of design, maths, neuroscience, movement, meditation and philosophy- it has taken Lawton over 4 years to bring this vision to life. Now that it’s ready it is time to share the story and work, far and wide.

‘Geometry is a unifying language that allows me to lift people’s spirits and bend their minds’.

Distinguished as an eco-innovator Lawton brings long lasting quality to his inventions with a simple design philosophy that he has been practicing for twenty years. He has made a parade of wonderful inventions including WakeYoo, Million Mile Light and Uplift, all of which are enjoyed by thousands of happy customers worldwide each day.

Amongst it’s fans, Wonder appeals to busy familes looking for calm, design studios to inspire creativity, philosophers, thinkers, muscians, movement specialists, meditators and a notable number of people who practice tai chi and qigong. This is unsurprising to Lawton who took inspiration in the gentle flowing movement of the ancient chinese practice while seeking the wisdom of a taoist master when he was conceiving the shape and Wonder was just an idea.

‘It’s extraordinarily beautiful’ — Jeni Russell, The Times

Wonder in Malmesbury Abbey

Fast-forward three years and Lawton is set up and ready to start building Wonders for home and studio use, with one permanent larger installation of Wonder on public display inside Malmesbury’s medieval abbey.

Lawton plans to build each unit himself, utilising advanced manufacturing provided by a best in class network of specialist UK suppliers whilst meticulously hand finishing and packing each Wonder himself. As the project grows, Lawton hopes, so too does his team.

Wonder will be available on Kickstarter on 18 October with a limited earlybird offering at a special price. The first Wonders being delivered in March 2023.

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Tom Lawton FRSA is a serial inventor, artist & designer, TV star and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His patented creations include BubbleScope mobile 360° video system, Firewinder wind powered light, Million Mile Light motion powered safety light and now Wonder.

Wonder is protected by international patents, registered designs and a holographic trademark. Copyright Uplifting Products Ltd 2022. All rights reserved.

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