Tom Lawton’s Wonder

Tom Lawton
4 min readMay 18, 2022


Kinetic Sculpture | Copper/Bronze | 2020

Wonder is a meditative moving sculpture that aims to show how everything is interconnected.

Wonder in Malmesbury Abbey

Your thoughts shape your vision. You see what you choose to see.

An evocative, ethereal and otherworldly form whose mind-bending power invites you into a future unknown, by bridging heart and mind and inspiring you to dream with your eyes open.

As if by magic, Wonder’s peaceful movement generates a universal feeling of wonder-fullness.

Beyond mindfulness

Created by Brit artist and inventor Tom Lawton, Wonder comprises of a single self-supporting ribbon-like structure made in precious metal, which appears to flow like water as it spirals upwards and down, expanding outwards and contracting in.

Wonder, has been imagined, designed and fabricated using advanced manufacturing by Tom who has strived for more than four years to ‘make the most beautiful thing he could imagine’ and find a way to bring comfort to a world that often appears fraught with uncertainty, division and fear.

Now the work is done, this vision is alive and Wonder can be enjoyed by everyone.

Like a circle in a spiral. Like a wheel within a wheel.

Enjoy peace of mind with Wonder and the art of doing nothing

All you have to do is watch and the magic happens inside you.

Gently breathe with Wonder’s rhythmic flow and let your imagination go.

Permanently installed inside Malmesbury’s Medieval Abbey, in Wiltshire, England — Wonder is available for public viewing, for free, every day of the year.

Desktop dreaming

In case you are inspired to bring Wonder home, Tom is now making a limited edition batch of studio edition Wonders for your living space.

Due to the complex nature of fabrication, these will be restricted to 1,000 pieces annually.

Modestly sized for bookshelves and table tops, sit baby Wonder on a flat surface and plug it in. A single touch brings it to life with silent operation.

By spending time attuning to Wonder the meditative benefits of this extraordinary therapeutic aid can be enjoyed by individuals, families and groups alike.

Baby Wonder

Using our free AR App you can visualise Wonder in your space now on iPhone and Android before you pre-order.

Wonder will launch as a complete unit with mains powered turntable (30cm tall) via a Kickstarter campaign this summer — you can register your interest by signing up here.

Wonders of the World

The response to Wonder has been incredible and we are weaving plans with our foundry partners Pangolin Editions to scale up and tour this magical work. In the meantime we welcome all enquiries for private and public commissions.

Ownership and intellectual property

Wonder is an original creation by Tom Lawton. It’s story is captured here.

Wonder is protected by five registered designs and has patents pending internationally. All rights reserved.

Holographic trademark copyright Tom Lawton, registered and owned by Uplifting Products.

Images may not be used without prior written permission.

Tom Lawton

Uplifting Products


‘Astonishing’ — Rory Sutherland, Chairman, Ogilvy

‘It’s like a cosmic orgasm’ — Paris Ackrill, Co-founder, Avalon Wellbeing

‘Enigmatic, mysterious and beautiful. Tom’s incredible creation echoes the essence of infinity & eternity. The medieval chapel at Malmesbury Abbey seems the most befitting place for Wonder to find it’s first ever home. Here in the heart of our town for the marvel and enjoyment of us all’ — Reverend Oliver Ross, Malmesbury Abbey

‘Extraordinarily beautiful’ — Jeni Russell, The Times

‘You’ve really made it? This is unreal. Stunning. It is like a merging of the 3D world I know and an animated unreality. Is it real? Thank you for letting me look in’ — Sarah Giblin, Inventor

‘The fantabulous artist and inventor Tom Lawton has created an endlessly flowing Doughnut (aka a torus). It does indeed stir up wonder & invites us to ask: what kind of economy would generate these dynamics? Is this what regenerative & distributive design looks like in motion?’ — Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics

‘For me, Wonder’s helical magic expresses the flow and unfolding evolutionary impulse of our entire Universe — which over the last 13.8 billion years, in an ongoing and meaningful Big Breath, has guided the emergent spirals of a living and sentient universoul to be embodied in ever greater complexity in planets, plants and people.’ — Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist

‘Wonder is so beautiful. I love the contemplative space the work creates. The graceful motion of the form brings to mind ineffable cycles of life, the sense that there is generative presence, that remains eternal.’ — Claire Todd, Pound Arts, Corsham