Wonder is the way

Tom Lawton
3 min readJul 24, 2023
Energy in motion —Wonder is a meditation on life’s ups and downs — where the only constant is change

An invitation to embrace our vision to expand the senses and unify each other, bringing peace & Wonder to extraordinary spaces.

Wonder begets wonder at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire, England

Created & crafted by celebrated artist & inventor Tom Lawton FRSA, Wonder is a vision five years in the making. From philosophy, through meditation and movement comes the pinnacle of human expression, the unfolding creative spirit. Original & bold, consistent & calm.

Wonder in Saint Aldhelm’s medieval Chapel. Polished copper in sunlight, 2020.

Wonder began with a quest — the desire to create the most relaxing object in the world. The result, is quite simply… out of this world!

“Wonder is perhaps the greatest ever expression of Heraclitus’s insight that ‘the only constant is change’ — it is a masterpiece in motion” — Dr Iain McGilchrist

“Utterly spellbinding” — Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim)

Big Wonder — 45cm polished copper spiral

We are partnering with museums, sacred sites, incredible hotels, educators, conscious corporations and wellbeing centres of excellence — in private & public spaces with a rare offering to co-create extraordinary places for Wonder, which is available in two epic sizes.

Big Wonder

Big Wonder’s copper spiral gracefully stands on a walnut plinth with a matt black turntable

Giant Wonder

Giant Wonder — 100cm polished spiral in cast aluminium or bronze

Giant Wonders are made to order with bespoke plinth designs.

Giant Wonder on a stainless steel mirrored turntable with stone edged plinth

“I love my Wonder. It’s a mesmerising and magical work of art by the creative genius @tomlawton” — Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm

An endless loop of life. Human creativity itself — interpretation of Wonder by Silverowls


Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire — the permanent home for Wonder

Avebury, Wiltshire — with the National Trust

Broughton Hall Estate — installation for ‘Visions of the Future’

Pound Arts Centre, Corsham — Wonder

Museum of Illusions — master illusion in Las Vegas (flagship), SanDiego, Seattle and Copenhagen (Vegas goes live 4th August 2023)

Camp Kerala — three year residency in the lap of luxury

Our Story

From Uplift to Wonder — how our journey started (short film)

A viral phenomenon — Wonder trended on the front page of Reddit

A You Tube documentary by Chris Ramsay


“Wonder has begun its simple yet complex journey of weaving our hearts together globally. Two young girls were in the shop yesterday, one was transfixed upon Wonder. I asked her how it made her FEEL? She stated ‘peaceful’. In this day and age, this is one of the greatest gifts we can offer people, a means of returning home to their true north, themself! Into their own bodies. I am honoured to be another node in a giant web Wonder is beginning to weave. It’s light, it’s vibrational and its silent yet profound presence has so much to teach us and our awakening hearts.”

Kelly Brown - Qigong teacher and owner of InnerLight store in Pittsburgh.

Who Are We?

Tom Lawton, Nick Pascoe, Verity Luke & Nandhit Reddy.

Wonder is protected by five internationally registered designs, pending utility & design patents and a holographic moving trademark — owned by Uplifting Products Ltd