• telportVR


    The most ambitious VR camera, discover VR tech news at telportvr.com/blog.html

  • Shane Robinson

    Shane Robinson

    Fine art photographer & painter; Partner & Programmer at Bare Feet Studios; Living well & working joyfully on Maui, Hawaii.

  • Olivia Höwing

    Olivia Höwing

    Management Graduate | Technology Enthusiast | Diversity Advocate

  • Jayne Hemmingham

    Jayne Hemmingham

  • Danielle Newnham

    Danielle Newnham

    Host of Danielle Newnham Podcast — interviews with tech founders and innovators. Writer. Author. Recovering Founder.

  • David Carr

    David Carr

  • George Aye

    George Aye

  • Kieran Lane

    Kieran Lane

    Bristol-based social entrepreneur of the clear stuff. Building a helpful bottled water industry for our little blue planet. Instagram @ ThePlasticSlayer

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